Avi Sternfeld received his architectural degree from Bezalel Academy of arts and

design Jerusalem in 1994.

For five years, he worked as an architect and headed design teams for leading

architectural and urban planning firms. In 1998, he established his own firm that is

active in architectural planning and interior design for the residential, business, and

public sectors. The work includes luxury villas, public clinics, apartment's buildings,

offices and businesses. The firm has handled over 1000 diverse projects covering

thousands of square meters.

The firm received a national planning prize for a 120-vila neighborhood for army


The firm’s projects have been highlighted in many magazines and articles on the

internet and on television.

The firm numbers 5 planners. Hundreds of hours of distinctive creativity are invested

in each project including 3-D plans and use of the leading architectural design

computer programs. We are proud of the creative spirit of the firm and the high level of

service we provide each of our clients.